Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Issues in Beginning RhoMobile

Here I'm listing a few mistakes/typos in the book Rhomobile Beginner's Guide.

Chapter 4

Code for cancel button on the filter_employee_form.erb, chapter 4, incorrectly takes you to the index of employees, when It should take you back to the home page. Replace :

<a class="cancel" href="<%= url_for :action => :index %>">Cancel</a>


<a class="cancel" href="<%= Rho::RhoConfig.start_path %>">Cancel</a>

Also latest ruby practice is to use link_to instead of <a href style.

Creating a RhoSync application.

Should say where to run the rhosync application. Also rhosync is now replaced by rhoconnect. So starting rhosync with rake is now starting rhoconnect with rake.

Installing the Rhodes translator gem

You must run gem install from the ruby folder or it won't work.